Sunny's Dark Night Interactive App Story for Children

In Sunny's Dark Night, kids join Windy and Sunny as they explore creative ways to have fun when the power goes out. Use a flashlight to explore objects in the dark. Play the mystery snack phone game. Watch shooting stars in sky. With plenty of hidden surprises, there is much to see and do!

Sunny's Dark Night Interactive App Story for Children

Sunny's Dark Night appisode ($1.99) children draw on their imagination to make their own fun. Discover the concept of opposites as Windy and Sunny compare light to dark, crunchy to smooth. Bonus games promote word association in English and French as well as memory skills.

Sunny's Dark Night Interactive App Story for Children

App Features
  • Groundbreaking mix of handcrafted stop-motion animation with innovative interaction and cinematics
  • Touch, tilt and drag the screen to explore the world of Windy & friends
  • Three reading modes included for your enjoyment: Read to Me, Read Myself, and Autoplay
  • Visual Word Map promotes word association in both languages
  • Matching Game is a fun way to improve memory skills
The Windy & friends series is a one-of-a-kind collaboration, combining traditional crafting and stop-motion animation with interactive technology. The result is a uniquely engaging and creative experience that will be enjoyed by children and parents alike.

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