P'kolino Mess Eaters Children's Storage Line & 12 Holiday Deals

I first saw a few of P'kolino (pee-ko-lee-no) products earlier this year during Toy Fair NY and was so impressed with them. P'kolino offers both stylish and functional products that both kids and parents will enjoy using and be happy about. One of my favorite items are P'kolino Mess Eaters Storage line

P'kolino Mess Eaters Kids Storage Line

The Mess Eaters children’s storage line is designed around a set of playfully-stylish characters that help bring order to cluttered playrooms, bedrooms, desks, closets, and more. These friendly personalities help children store and organizing: toys, stuffed animals, clothes, books, and all sorts of playthings.

J.B. Schneider Co-founder of P’kolino explains,
“I think we all know how challenging it can be to get children to clean up. Our Mess Eaters’ engaging and playful personalities simplify this challenge by making it fun for children; and that makes parents very happy. In designing the look for this line we were very cognizant of finding the right balance between playfulness, to keep it really fun for children, and style, to bring joy to parents.”

P'kolino Mess Eaters Kids Storage Line

There are 36 Mess Eaters (and growing) such as: Toy Trunks, Shelf Bins, Under-the-bed Storage, Hanging Organizers, Travel Cases, the iconic Book Buggee and more, which a price range from $9.99 to $34.99.

While the Mess Eaters children’s storage line is one of my favorites, P'kolino has lots more to offer families including

P'kolino Kids Toys Line
P'kolino Kids Arts Line
P'kolino Kids Furnishings Line

Right now P'kolino is having their Big Holiday Savings with 12 Deals of Christmas, where you can save on popular products with a new deal every 2 days.

P'kolino is improving play at home with playfully-stylish and functionally-smart designed products. P'kolino designs all of its own products in its Florida Studio.

To learn more about P'kolino, visit - www.pkolino.com

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