Manduka LiveON Kids Yoga Mats Can Recycle Into Sandals

Yoga is a great activity to enjoy as a family. Manduka created its first LiveON Kids mat with this in mind - letting parents (kids' favorite guru) serve as a role model to emulate and share the yoga love with your little yogis on the mat.

Manduka LiveON Kids Yoga Mats

Manduka LiveON Kids Yoga Mats feature printed playful yoga inspired animal designs in bright colors. The mats are also part of a fully reclaimable, closed-loop process. Kids can use their mat for years, having it then transformed into another mat or even a pair of sandals!

Manduka LiveON Kids Yoga Mats

These sustainable, eco-conscious LiveON Kids Mat, are made from 100% reclaimable & recyclable PLUSfoam®. Available in classic colors, the LiveON Kids Mat has supportive cushion to protect bones and joints and a sticky surface with a great grip.

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