CAT PAW Fun for Halloween & National Cat Day #CatPaw

Yesterday was National Cat Day, a day to celebrate cats + encourage adoption, but I missed it. Dang. Yesterday would have been the perfect day for me to introduce you to The CAT PAW from Wicked Cool Toys!

The CAT PAW for Halloween

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Yes, it's an extension of a cat's paw. No it's not real. Yes it's fun and here's why

For one you can have fun with your co-workers, amuse cat lovers and STUPEFY real cats with the amazing realistic sounds (friendly and feisty) and an awesome clawing action. Simply pull on the trigger to activate sound and movement - a light pull for the friendly sound and a firm grip and hold for the feisty sound!

The Cat Paw comes in four different cat styles including a Orange Shorthair Cat Paw, a White Persian Cat Paw, a Maine Coon Cat Paw and a Black Cat Paw.

This would make a great Halloween party item or as an addon to your Halloween costume.

The Cat Paw is available at Kmart, Toys "R" Us, and Amazon for Ages 2-100 for Price: $9.99

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