Blog Update: Comments are now moderated

So lately I've been having a real problem with spam comments. I know you don't see it but that's cause I take care of it behind the scene. Just another duty of being a blog owner. Like most blogs I get my fair share of spam comments that I'm able to catch and delete. My readers never get to see it and can enjoy reading my blog and comments from other readers.

 photo spam_zps2a29b99c.jpg

However, lately the spam comments has been coming fast and furious. Lots more then usual. I'm not sure whats changed but it's way more then I can keep up with. Lots of spam comments have been getting through the spam filter and actually been posted to blog posts. Yikes!

I usually catch spam comment and delete them since I'm awake at like 3am....yes I check my blog at 3am...

But with my upcoming trip to L.A with Disney and ABC TV, and other fun things happening in the next few weeks, I doubt I can catch the spam comments on time anymore. Which sucks because I don't want my readers having to deal with spam comments on my awesome blog posts.

So what to do? Sad to say I now have to moderate comments. Yes moderate.

So dear readers don't panic if you leave a comment and don't see it right away like you use to. Your comment will be held for a bit until I can approve them.  Sorry to do this but the war with spam never ends. LOL

Hope you understand and keep commenting! Please know I read VERY comment and appreciate them so much!

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