Tech Tues: 6 Items to Help You Survive Halloween

In a few short days, goblins, ghouls and ghosts will take over your neighborhood. To help you maintain order – whether that’s keeping tabs on your children, keeping tabs on your sanity or both – here is a list of must-have items to survive the scariest day of the year:

6 Tech Items to Help You Survive Halloween

  1. Avoid breaking your phone during the hoopla of Halloween with the Tech21 Classic Check phone case in smokey. All Tech21 cases feature scientifically developed materials to absorb maximum impact. Cases start at $34.99.

  2. With a beam range of 300 feet, the Dorcy K2 LED Rechargeable Flashlight is ideal for trick or treating in low-light neighborhoods. Available at Home Depot (online only), the flashlight retails at $38.99.

  3. Manage the sugar intake when you inevitably sneak candy from your child’s bag with MyFitnessPal. The free calorie-counter mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

  4. From shoelaces to necklaces, Glow Products glow-in-the-dark wearables let you spot your little goblin from afar. Product prices depend on amount ordered.

  5. For the older, more independent child, keep tabs on his/her location with GPS Tracker, a free mobile app that turns your phone into a tracking device.

  6. Brave the evening with a little help from the Halloween Cocktails app, a creepy collection of spirits, including the Bloody Brain and White Ghost. The app is free and available for iOS.

Hope these 6 items comes in handy for you this Halloween!

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