5 Easy CURLS Styling Tips for Holiday Hair

This holiday season, nourish parched strands often with a thick, creamy, organic treat that will deeply penetrate hair strands.

5 Easy CURLS Styling Tips for Holiday Hair

Here are 5 Holiday Hair Care Tips for every texture.
  1. Creamy hydrating creams are your friend in the winter months, regardless of hair texture.

  2. Use nourishing curl creams to create protective updos or as a refreshment to morning curls.

  3. Got thick hair? No problem. Begin your deep treatment 2 inches from the scalp to bring your hair into balance. Thick-haired girls trap their natural sebum within the first two inches of hair.

  4. If you hair is thin, always apply conditioner 2-3 inches from the roots. Thinner, limp-prone strands can stretch conditioner even further.

  5. Your ends will take the hardest hits this season, so protect them well and often. Products with Keratin building protecting oil is the best for your most delicate ends.

QUENCH YOUR HAIR'S THIRST: Dryness Is Your Biggest Threat

Did you know that the instant switch from the frigid to warm temperatures during the winter can really shock your strands? As temperatures drop and precipitations heighten, our bodies struggle to maintain consistent equilibrium.

Without proper care, this daily behavior could affect your hair from making it more brittle to increased breakage. Since your biggest threat is dryness, the right products with the right routine, can help you achieve your best hair this holiday season by protecting hair against the elements.


CURLS Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner will satisfy your hair’s thirst for moisture. Made with green tea extract to infuse, strengthen, and fortify the scalp, this conditioner also has Shea and Mango butters that nourish and protect the hair from bitter cold temps and dry heat.

And, before your step out, complete your haute holiday look by defining curls and slick updos with the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste. This Argan-infused edge protector holds your look in place with lasting sheen.

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