Turbo’s Tomato Harvest Online Game & Netflix #TurboFAST New Episodes

Turbo is speeding around in his new – and free! – digital video game, “Turbo’s Tomato Harvest,” and Turbo needs your help!

Turbo’s Tomato Harvest Online Game

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In “Turbo’s Tomato Harvest,” it is tomato harvest season and you can guide Turbo along the vine, collecting tomatoes, tomacos (tomato tacos) and other power ups as you make your way to the top. But beware of spiders who want the tomatoes all to themselves.

And on the revamped TeamTurboFast.com website, fans can play games, discover fun activities and – for the first time – create and customize their own snail avatar. Users will also be rewarded with points and special badges.

Turbo FAST fans can also can play and learn with Turbo even when all screens are off with these shareable activity pages/printables. Kids and their families can
  • Learn to follow direction and practice dexterity with Turbo origami (PDF)
  • practice spelling and vocabulary with the word search (PDF)
  • exercise creativity and learn grammar with Turbo FAST Mad Libs. (PDF)
Also Turbo and the Fast Action Stunt Team are “racing” back for five more, exciting, adrenaline-packed episodes for you to check out. Available on Netflix on Friday, September 12, DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo FAST is filled with outrageous comedy, action and laugh out loud fun and amps up everything to the extreme - extreme adventures, extreme challenges and extreme excitement!

In this new batch of episodes, Turbo, Chet, White Shadow, Whiplash, Burn, Smoove Move and Skidmark work together to overcome a slew of new challenges. You can grab a sneak peek at the “Over Shadowed” episode , where White Shadow takes on a crazy obstacle course.

If you do not have a Netflix subscription, sign up free for a month - www.signup.netflix.com

For more information about #TurboFAST, follow @Netflix and @DWAnimation and visit www.TeamTurboFast.com and www.Netflix.com/Turbo

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