LG 'G Watch' Review and Holiday Products Showcase

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I had a wonderful time at the LG Happy Hour at ink48 hotel penthouse suite. LG had tastefully incorporated several of their products into the penthouse to showcase an 'LG' home and its uses in a more natural setting.

Attendees enjoyed cocktails, hors d'oeurves and spectacular views of the city while learning about their products.

LG G Smartwatch Review

Note: I was invited as media to this event and received a gift bag with product samples for review.  Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Written by Christina Chin, who's hip, fashionable and located in New York City.

LG Holiday Products Preview

Some of the products showcased included the LG Smart TV, LG wireless bluetooth headset, and LG tablets, but I was most interested in the new LG G3 Phone and the LG G Watch. I've been using both for a few weeks now and it's definitely a new experience for me as my current Android phone is outdated and tiny in comparison.

LG G Watch

It took me some time to get familiar with the LG G Watch since I don't wear regularly wear watches. Once I was used to wear it, I actually really like the G watch a lot. While wearing the G Watch, I noticed a considerable dip in the number of times I pull out my phone to check for messages.

LG G Watch Android Wear

I wish it was just a bit more fashionable for dressier looks but it does have a large square screen, which is good for a casual/sporty look. Also the silicone band makes it comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

Now on to the highlights of what it can do!
  • Once you sync it to your Phone, all emails and texts will be 'pushed' to your watch so you can check and reply via voice back in short single messages (no punctuation!). No more having to constantly take out your phone from your handbag everytime you here a email/text notification.
  • It has Fitness app to track your daily steps and tells you when you reached your goal
  • You can Google search anything via voice command which will show top results and then you can open it on your phone
  • Record memos/reminders
  • Notifies you of your Agenda for the day and sends reminders
  • The watch is water resistant so no need to take it off when washing hands, giving your kids a bath, taking a shower or if you somehow accidentally drop it in shallow water (up to 3.3ft)
  • Full battery charges in about 2 hours and lasts about a little over a day
  • G Watch can sync up with most devices with Android 4.3 or later operating systems (sorry iPhone users!)
The LG G Watch is available in Black Titan and White Gold, and is sold through Google Play and national retail for an MSRP of $229.

LG G3 Phone

The LG G3 Phone has numerous capabilities on par or bypassing other current smartphones out the market but there were a few standouts for me:
  • The camera quality is so much better and clearer and one awesome ability is the front facing camera has an 'open palm to fist' motion sensor so no more holding your camera funny or reaching awkwardly to click a selfie! The motion sensor will sense and do a 3-count before snapping the shot. You can also take selfies with ambient lighting the phone provides so no more dark blurry selfies! This is me in a complete dark room using the phone's ambient lighting:
  • Guest Mode: Say your kids want to play on your phone or a friend needs to borrow it and you don't want all your settings accidentally messed up, your kid to dial your boss, or your friend to snoop at your private emails/text. You can lend your phone safely using Guest Mode that keeps selected apps/important files hidden from others.
  • I'm always accidentally turning off my phone or muting my phone when I hold it because of the side buttons but with the G3, there are virtually no buttons on the phone except in the very back for the power button and volume. The G3 uses onscreen keys instead which allows for a larger (5.5") touchscreen which makes it feel like the phone is 'all screen' and no more muting my songs when I'm running! 
The LG G3 Phone can be bought for about $200 with all 4 major carriers, usually with a 2 yr contract.

For more information and specs of each products, visit www.lg.com

Which one of the LG "G Watch" features impressed you?

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  1. I am liking that watch allot.. its very sleek!

  2. Omg I don't know how I feel about all these companies coming out with smart watches! The LG one however looks amazing but i feel like i could never pull it off because my wrists are so small lol! Also what an amazing event to go to!!

  3. That is a mighty cool watch. I love the size of it and how sleek it looks.

  4. I feel so behind on technology when I see these watches. When did we all become James Bond? So cool.


  5. I don't wear a watch, but that's a pretty neat watch, nonetheless!

  6. I had been thinking of the watch for the tech monkey. Now I want it!

  7. That watch is amazing! I know a techy that will love that!

  8. Nice looking watch. Would love to go to something like that and get a goodie bag. =)

  9. That watch looks amazing, it looks like something I'd love to try!

  10. I guess the era of smart watches is here. The LG G Watch looks really loaded with features.

  11. The LG G Watch looks so cool! What's the battery mAH (like how long will it run without getting low-batt)?

  12. Love that phone! It's so much money.. Maybe for Christmas

  13. As an accessory that requires a phone to work, I find it really expensive. i like that smart watches are becoming main stream but I have yet to see one "in the wild" and I think the phone tether is a big reason for it.

  14. I'm most impressed with the ability to search the internet by speaking. That's just so cool.

  15. Although it requires the phone to work, I'm still loving this! Even if it's for no other reason than the technology itself. We're living in exciting times for a geek like myself.

  16. First of all, I'm so jealous! I am a tech geek and have been watching to see where this one was going. I think it has a lot of men appeal with the style/sleekness...I'm sure it's a matter of time before you can buy a blinged out one. But mostly, I can't wait to try it on! I use my cell for work so much that I think (seriously) that I'm getting corporal tunnel and early arthritis in my thumb and wrist. This watch would take a huge load off me.

  17. My hubby would love the watch... we are huge techies here in my home, myself included, but I'm all about fashion and change my watch to go with what I'm wearing. :) I do love where technology is going!

  18. I love the watch!!

    LG is one brand I love! From our airconditioning unit til some of our kitchen appliances! :)

  19. I like that the watch is water resistant. I also like that it gets all you notifications and you can respond by voice. I can see this being a popular Christmas item.

  20. What a cool watch! It looks awesome!

  21. That is a great watch. Almost reminds me of the Samsung one I'm looking at but this one is a LOT cheaper.

  22. My brother has something like this as well - he had fun with using it.

  23. This watch looks amazing! The ability to receive notifications, and respond by voice, is sure to make users more active in whats going on around them, and allow them the ability to LOOK UP!

  24. Pretty watch! Lucky you for being able to review such nice gadgets!

  25. I would love to have one of these LG G watch and the LG 3G phone which I am shopping for right now. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Pretty cool idea, it's really too big for me but I'll pass this along.

  27. I love LG products, because of their amazing after sale service. Looking forward to buy LG G3 phone... I loved it