The Honest Company Back to School Essentials

The Honest Company has the non-toxic and safe gear that any student in school needs including cool skull designed lunch boxes, dorm life essentials and other back to school must-haves.

The Honest Company Essentials Dorm Room Bundle

Dorm Room Must-Have - Honest Essentials Bundle ($35.95) – College students don’t have time to make a proper market run—get them everything they need in a simple 5 product bundle. The convenience of monthly bundles of botanical body care & non-toxic cleaning essentials is just what you need for a healthy, happy college life!

The Honest Company Lunch Boxes

Coolest Lunch Boxes in the cafeteria! ($29.95) - The latest must-have back to school accessory of the season is the Honest lunch box collaboration with SoYoung! Choose from one of the stylish designs (Blue Giraffe, Pink Cupcake, Skulls, Tribal Stripe), the lunch box has a fully insulated interior with mesh pockets for carrying utensils, napkins and sweet notes! So cute and stylish you can even wear it as a backpack or messenger style!

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer

Must-Have on Every Teacher Checklist!- Honest Hand Sanitizer ($5.95) – Whether you prefer gel or spray, the all-natural, no-rinse disinfecting sanitizers are great for long-lasting antibacterial protection- perfect anywhere, anytime!

Available through Honest website, the all-natural products are completely non-toxic and are conveniently delivered to your doorstep. For single item purchase or curated kits and bundles,  visit

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  1. I love those adorable lunch boxes! I should also pick up some Hand Sanitizer. It was on the kids school lists but I didn't buy them... whoops.

  2. Better make sure to grab a few now. LOL