Tech: 6 Tips to Take Better Smartphone Photos from Verizon Wireless

Being a blogger and a mom, I take TONS of photos using my smartphone. It's handy, small and easy to use. If you also use your smartphone to take photos, then here are a few tips from the Verizon Wireless team for taking a better photo.

6 Tips to Take Better Smartphone Photos by Verizon Wireless

photo credit: Verizon Wireless

Tip #1: Set the white balance to auto or none

Have you ever taken a photo that comes out a completely different color than the scene you actually captured? Setting the white balance to “auto” or “none” may help. The auto feature allows the camera to read your scene’s color temperature and adjust automatically so your picture accurately captures the colors of the moment.

Tip #2: Turn on HDR (High Dynamic Range)

If shadows are dominating your shot or the colors just don’t seem to be as vibrant as they should be, hit the HDR button. This trick works with photos and video (if you hold the camera steady). It’s a quick and easy way to capture spectacular shots.

Tip #3: Don’t zoom, crop

If your subject is far away, try snapping a couple of pictures without zooming. You’ll be able to crop when you edit the photo later and the quality will be exponentially better.

Tip #4: Shoot in 4K

Wait, there’s something better than HD? 4K, which is also known as Ultra HD, is the new standard in video clarity, and – all the technical details aside – shooting in 4K results in breathtaking video. The downside? The files are very large, so you won’t be able to store more than one or two 4K videos on your phone.

Solution? Upload your 4K videos to Verizon Cloud; 25 GB of Verizon Cloud space are included with the MORE Everything data plans from Verizon Wireless.

Tip #5: Enable Burst Mode

Make sure you’re getting the shot you want by enabling Burst Mode, which lets you take a bunch of photos in rapid succession by holding down the capture button. The feature will only save photos to the phone (not the SD card, which isn’t fast enough), so make sure you’ve got the room.

Tip #6: Take pictures with your voice

Admittedly, this tip might be more about impressing your friends than grabbing a great shot. From the camera screen, simply say, “Smile,” “Capture,” “Flash on” or “Record video.” The phone takes care of the rest.

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