WallPops "Peel & Stick Wall Art" Locker Kits for Back to School

For back-to-school, WallPops, has new peel-and-stick wall art from Brewster Home Fashions that will add style to the school scene. From coordinated locker kits to four-piece organizers to chalkboard dots, the extensive line takes the ordinary out of every day.

WallPops Locker Kits

Locker Kits: You may just be grabbing a textbook, but that doesn’t mean the inside of your locker has to be so average. With these kits, give your metal locker a makeover and add some spice to your school day. All come with a wall decal, dry erase board, mirror, magnets and locker pocket. (All kits retail for approximately $26.99 each).
  • Damask: Bring some elegance to the school hallways with the popular damask pattern.
  • Festival: The array of colors and patterns in this kit will instantly transform your locker from a nay to a yay.
  • Pink Safari: With pink, purple, sparkle and animal patterns, your locker decorations are sure to bring some funk to the school’s hallway.
  • Zebra: The black and white zebra pattern is perfectly finished off with the silver sparkly locker pocket to add even more fun.
  • ZigZag: Not only may you be zig zagging your way through the crowded hallways to make it to class on time, but now you’ll want to zig zag your way back to your locker before the next period begins.

WallPops Organization Kits

Organization Kits: These are the ultimate tool for desk-side organization. Each kit comes with a monthly calendar, weekly calendar, cork board, push pins and plain dry erase board, so there’s plenty of room to jot down or hang up a to-do note. (All kits retail for approximately $26.99 each)
  • Black & White: You can never go wrong with these two shades. De-clutter your to-do list with this simply decorated kit.
  • Eden: Great for contrast against the usual white walls, this trendy black organization kit with its fun pink and green designs comes with a unique white ink pen.
  • Kolkata: Jewels aren’t just for crowns, so let them adorn your wall art. This subtle white and light gray kit is accented with jewels, perfect for any fashionista.
  • Vintage Bazaar: No matter what month it is, let colorful floral patterns decorate your walls. Even better than the flowers outside, they’ll help to keep you organized.

WallPops Black and Kraft Boards

Black & Kraft Boards: Getting back into the swing of things after a long summer can be tough, but with the help of these dry erase calendars and message boards, it will be that much easier to fall back into place. (All retail for approximately $14.99 each)
  • Black: Freedom is yours with this board. The blank slate and white liquid chalk marker leaves you with no boundaries.
  • Black Calendar: Whether paired with the Black board or standing alone, this product is a 21st-century update on a classic chalkboard with its black background and white liquid chalk marker.
  • Kraft Calendar: This simply decorated calendar will help you stay organized no matter what month it is.
WallPops Wall Quotes

Wall Quotes – Shouldn’t we all be able to say how we feel? Now put those thoughts onto the wall. (All kits retail for approximately $17.99 each)
  • Choose Happiness: The bright colors of this wall decal are ideal to express your true happiness.
  • Do This, Not That: Sometimes we need some discipline in our lives to stay on track and reach our potential. This kit is dry-erase and comes with a marker so you can constantly update your goals.
  • Do What You Love: It never hurts to be reminded that we should always follow our hearts, especially when the quote comes in this adorable pattern.
  • Go Your Own Way: With a map in the background, this quote will be sure to speak to your adventurous side

WallPops Monthly Calendars with Notes

Monthly Calendars with Notes: No need to ever stress when juggling homework, sports and after school activities. With a dry erase calendar, your plans can be scheduled in and out quickly. (All retail for approximately $14.99 each)
  • St. Tropez: Pastels and floral patterns are not only reserved for the spring and summer months with this calendar.
  • Eden: See Organizer Kit section for description of pattern.
  • Kolkata: See Organizer Kit section for description of pattern.
  • Vintage Bizarre: See Organizer Kit section for description of pattern.
This year, fill your back-to-school days with some decorating fun with the ease of WallPops, always reusable, repositionable and damage-free.

All designs are available for purchase at select retailers nationwide and on the WallPops site - www.wallpops.com

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