Tech Tues: Republic Wireless Free Chromecast with Moto X Smartphone Limited Time Offer

As families get ready for back to school, they're looking for ways to stay connected while settling back into the routine. One of the quickest and easiest ways is by using a smart phone. But some smartphone plans can be costly, especially if you have a large family sharing the data charges. Also some plans might not even have the latest smart phone models.

Republic Wireless Chromecast with Moto X Limited Time Offer

If your family is looking for a service that offers a budget friendly data plan along with access to the latest smartphone, then Republic Wireless might be a great option for you.

Republic Wireless, is a mobile service provider that harnesses both the power of WiFi and cellular networks to save consumers money on smartphone service. The service has available the Moto X 16GB version of in woven white and woven black for $299 with no contract.

The Moto X is packed with features such as:
  • Touchless Control – The Moto X responds to your voice - no touching necessary. Make calls, check the weather, get directions, or do just about anything without touching any physical buttons. Just talk.
  • Active Display – Important information at a glance. Check the time or see notifications pulse quietly on the screen without unnecessarily waking up the phone or burning through the battery.
  • Quick Capture Camera – With a 10 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera for clear video calling, the camera launches with two twists of the wrist. Take pictures by tapping on the screen or hold a finger on the display to take rapid-fire multiple shots. Swipe from left to right to access camera settings, including HDR, flash, tap to focus, slow motion (for video), panorama, Geo-Tag and shutter tone.
  • Motorola Assist – The Moto X detects when you’re in a moving vehicle and automatically reads incoming text messages aloud or tells who's calling. It can even automatically respond with a text reply that lets people know you're behind the wheel.

Republic Wireless Moto Maker

Republic Wireless also offers the full-suite of Moto X customization options available on Moto Maker, giving customers the ability to choose everything from the front, back, and accent colors, to the memory, wallpapers, and accessories.

For a limited time, get a FREE Chromecast with the purchase of a new Moto X, a $35 value! While supplies last. No code necessary.

Offering affordability, style, and performance, Moto X pairs perfectly with Republic Wireless’ easy to understand plans, priced from $5 to $40 per month. Consumers always know what they're getting, without ever having to count minutes, monitor the number of texts sent, or worry about data overage fees.

Republic Wireless Plans

Republic members can choose one of several pricing plans, selecting the option that best fits their lifestyle. Additionally, members can change plans up to twice per month. Moto X plan options include:
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data, on WiFi only - $5/month
  • Unlimited talk and text on WiFi and cellular, and unlimited data on WiFi - $10/month
  • Unlimited talk, text and data on WiFi, plus 3G cellular - $25/month
For more information and to purchase the Moto X, visit the Republic Wireless website 
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  1. The active display sounds really cool, especially for making it easy to glance at. The Moto X that responds to your voice sounds really hand too!

  2. I've heard the Moto X is a great phone. This addition of Chromecast makes it even more attractive.

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  8. Wow that is really affordable! I think this is a good option for people who can't afford those expensive wireless plans.

  9. I recently heard about this! My teen will be asking for it very soon, I know it! lol

  10. Sounds great for summer travel. Never be without blogging!

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  12. My friend has a Moto X and loves it. I played with it and think it is pretty cool.

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