Jennie-O Turkey Grilling Tips

Does your family enjoy grilling? Your family aren't the only ones. While grilling might have started as a summer time activity, it has quickly become a year-round practice – 60 percent of grill owners fire up the charcoal no matter the season, according to the 2014 State of the Barbeque Industry Report.

Jennie-O Grilling Tips and Turkey Recipes

While families enjoy grilling, many are being health conscious about their grilling choices. Research by the USDA shows more Americans are attempting to avoid extra calories in an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Grilling and eating healthy isn't impossible. By swapping out conventional grilling options in favor of turkey, grill masters can easily cut out unwanted calories and fat, says the National Turkey Federation.

To help families enjoy their turkey burgers and turkey franks, Jennie-O, a brand on a mission to show you don’t have to sacrifice taste to eat well, is sharing these turkey grilling tips

Impress guests with the juiciest turkey burger they’ve ever had
  • Ensure an extra-juicy burger by mixing 2 tablespoons of heart-healthy olive oil or sautéed onions in with JENNIE-O lean ground turkey before creating your patties
  • Keep it simple when hand-forming patties with ground turkey. Overworking the meat could make it dense and tough.
  • Don’t push down on the burgers with your spatula. They could lose flavorful juices!
  • Allow turkey burgers to rest a few minutes before serving to let juices redistribute.

Dress up dogs with unexpected add-ons
  • Incorporating unique flavor combinations with recipes like Mozzarella Pesto Turkey Franks, which brings the tastes of Italy to an American classic, can add a playful twist to a grilling staple.

Use a meat thermometer for perfectly cooked turkey every time you grill
  • Cooking poultry to the target temperature of 165 degrees guarantees a safe meal, and makes it easy to create delicious, never-dry tender turkey meals.
  • Use a high-tech wireless meat thermometer like the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer mini to monitor turkey remotely and allow yourself to spend more time mingling with friends and family.
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