Green ABCs eco-friendly school supplies and kits

Has your family started checking off the school supply list yet? For families looking for eco-friendly options, Green ABCs has launched a full range of affordable school supplies that offer green choices.

Green ABCs eco-friendly school supplies

Green ABCs line includes trusted top brands and innovative new products made from recycled resources, renewable materials or with innovations in biodegradability.

“Our mission is to inspire a green revolution in our schools,” added Davies, CEO of Green ABCs. “Beyond the positive impacts of choosing green school supplies, we have an opportunity to teach children about sustainability in the products they use every day.”

Sadly, a very low percentage of school supplies are eco-friendly and a staggering amount of natural resources are used each year to make the non-green products, with trees taking the brunt of the adverse impact.

It is estimated that schools spend almost $2 Billion annually across the US on paper alone with the average class using between 30,000 and 50,000 sheets each – or the equivalent of 5 trees per classroom a year3. As for pencils, the 53 Million school-aged children in the US use enough pencils to require the harvesting of 7,800 trees each year.4

Green ABCs kits were designed in collaboration with parents and teachers to provide a year’s worth of green school supplies in a convenient one-stop-shop process. Kits come in standard versions and are available in custom options for individual schools and classrooms.

Fundraising and donation opportunities are available and Green ABCs provides complimentary environmental education materials.

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