Enjoying Crayola Products for Summer and Holiday

Recently we received a very nice package from Crayola filled with their summer and holiday products. Of course we immediately took out a few items to review and enjoy.

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Like most kids my son enjoys coloring and making art with Crayola crayons, markets and water colors. But Crayola has lots more ways for kid to enjoy creative play. One of the items in our package was the Outdoor Colored Bubbles, which is a fun way to blow colored bubbles.

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We headed to neighborhood park and enjoy blowing, chasing and popping our blue bubbles. My son had a great time with the colored bubbles without a mess. The colored bubbles solution easily cleans up on the skin so parents don't have to worry.

 photo crayolacoloredwonder_zpsab25aae7.jpg

After our bubble time, we returned headed home for color time the Color Wonder Bubble Guppies Refill Book and Mini Markers. While my son could color all he wanted in the book, I didn't have to worry about marker colors on my floor, walls or him.

While we enjoyed these 2 products, Crayola has many more products for families including:

 photo crayolasillyputty_zpsc6ca1fab.jpg

Silly Putty a very unique classic compound that bounces, molds, stretches, snaps and more! Available in a variety of colors & specialty options. Age: 4+; SRP: $0.99-$2.99

 photo crayolalightdesigner_zps71bdfcba.jpg

Widescreen Light Designer - Large drawing surface for doodling, drawing and creating. Easily add animations to artwork. Built in storage and kickstand for displaying and showcasing artwork. Reusable –simply wipe the panel clean with a damp cloth to create again & again Age: 6+; SRP: $39.99

 photo crayolavirtualprocar_zps1047b8a6.jpg

Virtual Design Pro Car Collection brings your colorful designs to life virtually –just like a professional designer! Car Collection provides a full range of high-quality, colorful design tools and special software that brings your cars to life on a virtual stunt course. Compatible with iOSand Android smartphones and tablets, and iPod Touch. Age: 6+; SRP: $39.99

To see more Crayola products, visit - www.crayola.com

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