5 SmugMug Tips for First Day of School Photos

Next month kids are going back to school. Some are going for the first time while other are returning and moving up a grade. Either way capture this special moment with these 5 tips from the photo experts at SmugMug – an independent photo-sharing site, to get perfect snapshots to share with your friends and family.

1 day of school photo

  1. Choose the right light: - Aim for natural light. Taking snapshots in the living room can turn out dark and cast shadows across your child’s face. If you’re using a flash, avoid getting too close or your child will look more like Casper the Friendly Ghost than a fresh-faced kindergartner.

  2. Keep it neutral: - To keep the spotlight on the star of the photo shoot, choose a neutral the background. Avoid positioning your child in front of wild patterns or cluttered furniture, especially if you’re using props.

  3. Zoom in: - In addition to a full head-to-toe shot, get a close-up of your child’s face, so you can remember what he or she looked like during that time of life.

  4. Don’t cry over spilled milk: - Don’t stress if your son spills his milk on his just-pressed slacks or if your daughter rips the bow out of her hair. Sometimes the unplanned messes make for the most fun pictures and memories

  5. Have fun: - It might seem like a no-brainer, but have fun. Talk to your child during the photo shoot to capture natural reactions, like laughter, smiles and, yes, even, a frown that you’ll laugh about later.
Enjoy getting those first day of school photos!

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