Six New Animated Series on DramaFever

As a fan of Korean Dramas, I spend on DramaFever catching up on the latest episodes. But it seems the site has more to offer then foreign dramas. This week DramaFever shared the news about six new animated series from international animation giants Millimages and CPE Cartoon.

Six New Animated Series on DramaFever Kids

  • The first new series is 64 Zoo Lane, streaming now. Based on the work of children’s illustrator and author An Vrombaut, the series follows Lucy and her very unusual neighbors who live in the zoo next door. Every night, Georgina the Giraffe fetches Lucy from her room and introduces Lucy to the various animals in the zoo who share their stories with her.
  • On July 28th, Pablo the Little Red Fox joins DF Kids. Based on the work of author Hannah Giffard, the series tells the story of Pablo and his fox family and friends who adapt to the strange, wonderful and sometimes scary world of humans.
  • On, August 4th China’s hit animation series Pleasant Goat And Big Big Wolf takes over DramaFever Kids. This perennial hit is China’s top children’s show, having won multiple awards yearly. For three weeks, DK Kids will premiere a new season of 20 episodes every Sunday. The series revolves around Wolffy and his wife Wolnie, two wolves with a never-ending quest to capture the loveable goats that live in the village of Green-Green Pasture. DF Kids will stream the show in English and Chinese dubs
  • Louie launches on August 29th on DF Kids. Louie, an adorable little rabbit, uses art and his imagination to create a wonderful world when his magical drawings come to life. Along with his ladybird friend Yoko, each episode features the pair drawing many exciting worlds and adventures for audiences to discover.
  • Premiering September 12th is Lazy Lucy. Audiences follow precocious eight year old Lucy whose determination and creative spirit make each one of her ideas a little masterpiece of unrestrained imagination. Lucy, her little brother Paul and friends Jasmine and Tom, work out original and amusing solutions from the room which tidies itself, to the dance for planting strawberries – she never gives up and proves that she has more than one trick up her sleeve!
  • On September 19th, Corneil & Bernie rounds out the summer schedule. In this hilarious animated series, Corneil is an intelligent talking dog whose pampered life gets turned upside down when his dog-sitter, Bernie, finds out his secret. It’s one interesting adventure after another as Bernie discovers his canine companion offers not only friendship but also sound advice

All titles will be available in English dubs as well as original foreign languages with English subtitles, ensuring each series is accessible to the widest audience possible.

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