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Christmas came early for my son recently. Or maybe it's better to say Halloween. We received to review some very scary play sets from Monster 500, a unique line of collectible monster characters, vehicles and freaky play sets.

Monster 500 collectible line monster characters, vehicles and play sets

Note: I am a Monster 500 Blog Ambassador. This post is part of a sponsored campaign. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Like most little boys, my son find gross things like slime and goo fascinating. Add in some monsters on wheels he's even more excited. So you know the Monster 500 toy line is a good fit.

The Monster 500 line features fiendish monster characters driving small and large vehicles, plus two fabulously play sets. The characters marry a child’s love of cars with the ghoulish and gross—the perfect combo! Each vehicle aligns with the Monster 500 app, which allows fans to bring their favorite monster characters to life in an action-packed racing game.

I'll share more about the Monster 500 app after this break down of the toys we received and our thoughts.

Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set
Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set

Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set - Little racers will enjoy the ultra ghoulish action this spooky set has to offer. It’s a battle to the finish line for kids, as they press down on the starting skull to begin! With one included vehicle, Drac Attack, and compatible with any small Monster 500 vehicle, daredevils can send their cars racing past the pendulum of peril and into the jaws of doom of the eye-popping, giant skull. A checkered flag will rise to signal the winner. No batteries required. Track Set is available at Toys ‘R’ Us for $19.99

 photo monster500toys7_zps19ca5b7c.jpg
 photo monster500toys8_zpsc1c89ee3.jpg

This playset was my son's favorite. He enjoyed racing the cards against each other down the long track. The playset comes in pieces that slide together to make the tracks. It's meant to be played from a high surface like a table. It comes with a skull clamp on section, which is easy to put on and take off.

 photo monster500toys9_zpsf28b3cb4.jpg

But I have to warn it's a really long track. So for parents with limited space, there's the option to make the track smaller and just use on the floor. I like that this track has versatility for play time.

 photo monster500toys10_zpsbe9d90d2.jpg
 photo monster500toys11_zpsc56038e5.jpg

Monster 500 Toxic Terror Trap Playset - Unleash the fiendish fury! Kids and kids at heart will enjoy the twisting, toxic, monster action this ghoulish playset has to offer. With one included character, Evil Clownevil, kids can smash through the doors of the freaky factory and topple the toxic, terrorizing monster, while avoiding being gobbled by the mutant gator all at the same time. Then, cars can be placed on the elevator before the hazmat mutant brings each vehicle up again. Compatible with all small Monster 500 vehicles. 3 “AA” batteries required (not included). Playset is available at Toys ‘R’ Us for $34.99

This playset was my favorite because of the interactive options. The set was easy to put together and use. My son enjoyed loading the cars up the ramp to the elevator and then watching them "speed" down the track. From there the toxic monster would flip forward. As if that wasn't scary enough there was also the "snapping" alligator and scary sounds.

 photo monster500toys2_zps3e39fec6.jpg

Monster 500 Small Vehicles - Kids can collect each of the 10 fast and freaky Monster 500 character, 3-inch diecast vehicles, which are available in a single or 3-pack. Every car comes with a trading card. Each trading card has a Monster 500 Code that unlocks a monster car in the FREE Monster 500™ Racing App. No batteries required. Vehicles are available individually at Toys ‘R’ Us for $4.99 or in the 3-pack for $14.99.

These scary little vehicles are a fun and great travel item. They small enough to carry in pockets for some take along racing fun.

 photo monster500toys3_zpsda82593f.jpg

Monster 500 Large Vehicles - For even bigger action, mini daredevils will love collecting each of the 4 large Monster 500 vehicles standing 4 inches high and 5 inches long, including Zoom Zombie, CrocPot, Lead Foot and Flattop Frank. With the touch of a button, scary-good lights and sounds are activated on each vehicle for additional fabulously freaky fun. 3 “AG13” batteries required (included). Cars are available at Toys ‘R’ Us for $14.99.

 photo monster500toys4_zpse4bf1c70.jpg

The lights and sounds on these larger vehicles are going to entertain kids for a while. The size is good for in house races alone or with friends.

 photo monster500toys12_zps0f8df351.jpg

The Monster 500 RacIng App - Join the battle for Monster 500 supremacy in this frighteningly fast racing app. Fight other monsters as you navigate the death-defying tracks to the finish. Pick up weapons, avoid toxic spills and other creepy obstacles as you race. The App is FREE at the App Store and Google play.

So I have to give a little warning here. The app download is on the larger side and will take up space on your smartphone. I suggest you download to a table for use or make sure you have enough memory to use the app. Once downloaded make sure to calibrate so you can drive along the races smoothly.

 photo monster500toys13_zpsf1d5a687.jpg

Once your all set up, you can use the code to from the cards found in the vehicles or playsets to unlock a monster car to use in the game. Then you can customize your racer before hitting the tracks.

The game itself is a straight forward racing games. Kids will enjoy seeing their favorite monsters "speeding" down the course collection points and trying to beat the other monsters to the finish line.

As you can see from the characters, vehicles, playsets and app tie in, The Monster 500 line is a fun and affordable gift for kids 3 and up filled with features kids will enjoy.

To learn more about the Monster 500 line, visit -

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