Style Sat: Jambanz Kids Bluetooth “SlapBand” Wrist Speaker #Jambanz

Do your kids like listening to music while on the go? Then you'll be interested in Jambanz, the world’s first Bluetooth wristband speaker. Combining the fun of a “slapband” with a wireless speaker, Jambanz allows music to go anywhere.

Jambanz Kids Bluetooth SlapBand Wrist Speaker

Designed for kids of all ages, Jambanz are one size fits all and USB rechargeable allowing for hours of audio entertainment. As an alternative to headphones, Jambanz eliminates tangled wires for active kids and encourages them to safely enjoy their music without headphone caused hearing damage and distraction to surrounding dangers.

Jambanz Kids Bluetooth SlapBand Wrist Speaker

By syncing with all Bluetooth capable devices, Jambanz frees music from the iPod touch, iPad, iPhone or Bluetooth Android, so that kids of all ages can wear their music on their wrist or ‘slap’ it on a bicycle, scooter and backpack, or wherever they see fit.

Jambanz Kids Bluetooth SlapBand Wrist Speaker

Slapbands and speakers are interchangeable and available in a variety of colors and graphic design options, giving multiple customized mix-and-match looks. Current colors include tangerine (orange), kiwi (green), and licorice (grey).

Each order includes one Jambanz slap bracelet, micro Bluetooth speaker and a micro USB charging cable for $29.99. Available for purchase at or

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