Woodloch Pines Family Resort "Active Vacation" Program

A few weeks back I posted about our family weekend at Woodloch Resort with The Moms & Evenflo Baby. We had a blast trying out all the different activities and recommend it as a place other families should visit.

Woodloch Pines Family Resort Active Vacation Program

Not only can you enjoy the same activities we did, but this year Woodloch Pines Family Resort has even more to offer! Showcasing new adventure partners, expanded locations and extended hours, the Woodloch Pines team are ready to help families rise to the challenge this family-travel season.

“We have been seeing an increase in families wanting to take advantage of our adventure sports,” stated John Kiesendahl, owner and general manager of Woodloch Pines. “Families want adventure, challenge and unique ways to bond and reconnect. Of course we also offer a sandy lakeside beach for post-adventure relaxation,” continued Kiesendahl.

To help vacationing families become more aware of how fun and easy it can be to keep an active lifestyle, there's a variety of programs including the Active Vacation Program, which takes a three-pronged approach to family wellness and awareness: physical, emotional and nutritional.

The program includes:

Physical activities:
  • Family Fitness Classes
  • Family Fitness Exercises (done individually), developed by kids fitness expert, Steve Ettinger.
  • In addition, there is a Passport to Fitness which highlights all of the social and physical activities that promote an active lifestyle. Passport holders will get “stamped” after participating and will potentially win a “Woodloch Medal” when the passport is full.
Emotional activities:
  • Keep it simple, spend time with family
  • Reconnect in meaningful ways with loved ones
  • Bond-building games designed to reconnect and encourage families to unite together
Nutritional options:
  • Woodloch Pines has partnered with Greener Fields Together™ to create a program that provides local meats and produce and promotes sustainable food sourcing.
  • The family-style meals now feature kid favorites that are revamped to pack in nutrition. For example, macaroni and cheese and spaghetti entrees feature a vegetable-infused whole-grain pasta. Apples are options instead of French fries, and sugar-free desserts are now on the menu.
Designed to be informative and educational, the Active Vacations Program has been blanketed throughout the Woodloch Pines experience. New resources have been added to the website as well as to collateral materials and will continue to be added as the program evolves.

All Active Vacation programming is included within the all-inclusive vacation price. To see special rates offer packages, visit - www.woodloch.com

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