Our Unplanned Playdate with Taye Diggs - WordFUL Wednesday

Yeah so me and Taye Diggs. Playdate in the park. Unplanned but still very real. Life has such a funny way of bringing people together.

After a movie event, I took my son to the park to burn off some of the "I just sat still for 2 hours" energy. While he was enjoy a wheel apparatus, I notice this father and son walking over to that section. I thought to myself, OMG he looks like Taye Diggs! but then thought...nah no way

Then I looked at the kid. I know very well what Taye Diggs son looks like because he's biracial like my son. Plus I saw them in the got milk? campaign. There was no way that was not Taye Diggs son, hence me having a "OMG that IS Taye Diggs" moment.

 photo tayediggsplaydate_zps17236c04.jpg

As I sat there trying to stay calm about my celebrity sighting, Taye was busy spinning my son and his on the wheel. All Normal. Like any Father on the playground would. It was actually a nice scene....until other people notice that was Taye Diggs in the playground and started coming over. Oh no, paparazzi!

At that point, I walked over (quickly), tapped him on the shoulder and thanked him for spinning my son on the wheel. He smiled, said no problem and continued with his son.

As I walked my son over to another playground area, I thought how lucky he was to have a few moments on a celebrity play date. Little did I know our play date wasn't over. As any parent knows, kids don't stay in one area while at that playground. So the boys ended up meeting again. And so did Taye and I.

Now, I'm no stranger to meeting celebrities and for goodness sake Taye is trying to have normal afternoon with his son. So I'm trying give him space, but the kids playing together thing means we keep being in the same area. But the thing about being a celebrity, even on the down low, is that people will follow you. Hence again with the playground paparazzi.

So sadly I had to end my unofficial play date with Taye and his son. But before I did, I asked for a photo. I tried NOT to but after all those minutes together....come on! I needed proof!

So I asked him nicely to pose with my son and he was VERY nice about it. Once again I thanked him, collected my son and then made our way out the playground towards home.

As you can imagine, it was nice to meet Taye Diggs but it was more amazing to see him being a normal father and sharing that moment with his son and mine....and me *grin*

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