Enjoying life moments "uncaptured" for social media

Now that stable warm weather has arrived, I've been spending many hours outside with family and friends. While some of these moments have been caught digitally, most of them have not.

kids in the park

It wasn't something planned. It sorta just happened cause everyone was too busy having a good time. One afternoon was spent in the park doing relay races and laughing up a storm. No one had time pose much less find our cameras or smartphones to take pictures.

Would I have liked a photo of the kids racing? Yes it would have been nice to look back on. But somehow the memory is more precious because I don't that photo. I can't tell you how many photos I've captured over the years. Literally thousands. Perhaps tens of thousands.

But how many do I really go back to and view? How many do I printout and hang on my wall. Honestly not many.

But the memories of moments are always with me. I don't need to find the usb cord to download them. Or the sim card to see them. Or even my smart phone to capture them. Not to mention the experience of moment isn't something you can capture by a photo.....

To get the memories, I need to keep my eyes focused and in the moment to capture it. I hope to do lots more of that this summer.

Don't worry, I'll still take lots of photos and share on social media....but I'll be sure to enjoy uncaptured moments also.

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