Nagi Maehashi Interview for RecipeTin App Recipe Organizer

For years I've been nagging my mother to write down her recipes. From breakfast of bake and saltfish to dinner of cookup rice, my mom cooking fills my tummy and heart with yummy goodness. But like many family cooks, she "tells" me the recipe instead of writing it down.

While its nice she tells me, I still have to write it down and find a way to store the recipes. A solution to my dilemma might be RecipeTin, an app that helps store and organize recipes in different ways. One feature of the app is the ability to take photos of written/printed recipes, then import into RecipeTin. This will work perfect for when I "take notes" as a mom tells me the recipe.

Nagi Maehashi Interview for RecipeTin App Recipe Organizer

I wanted to learn more about the person behind the app and was thrilled to interview Nagi Maehashi, creator of RecipeTin App ($1.29) about how she came up with the idea and how families can use this app.

Onica (MommyFactor): Share with me and my readers why you developed the RecipeTin App.

Nagi Maehashi (RecipeTin): I noticed that families collect recipes from everywhere inclduing online, magazines, cookbooks and handwritten. I wanted to find a way to have recipes in one place mobily. So you can find a recipe when you need it. I looked but didnt find any apps to fit this need.

Nagi Maehashi Interview for RecipeTin App Recipe Organizer

Onica (MommyFactor): I read that your family helped you develop the RecipeTin app idea.

Nagi Maehashi (RecipeTin): Yes, it was during dinner that we came up with the idea for RecipeTin while comparing our different methods for storing recipes. My mom has an IT background and I have an accoutning backgroud so we came up with a system to documents and organizing.

Nagi Maehashi Interview for RecipeTin App Recipe Organizer

Onica (MommyFactor):The RecipeTin app offers alot of features. Who can really benefit from using this app?

Nagi Maehashi (RecipeTin): I think this is a great app for anyone including busy families, foodies and chefs. The app is a great way to store recipes so you can use them more and enjoy.

And isn't that why we try to keep recipes? So we can make the meal and enjoy? And now with the RecipeTin app you can.

RecipeTin Features include:
  • Built in browser to save food recipes from any website. Create your own recipes – type or copy text in from websites, emails, documents and other apps
  • Handy scale converter tool
  • Snap photos of printed recipes, then import into RecipeTin. You can save up to 4 per recipe.
  • Bulk transfer recipes from your computer using iTunes File Sharing. You can store Word, Pages, PDF and text files in RecipeTin.
  • Organize your recipes into your own categories – Cuisines, Dish Types, Main Ingredients and Source . You can also add notes to your recipes
  • Flag recipes for menus and tag your Favorite recipes
  • Share recipes by email and export to other apps
To learn more about the RecipeTin app, visit -

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