Moffett Mix & Match Scented Watches #MoffettWatch

As a mother and blogger knowing the time is very important. I can't tell you how many times a day I look at my watch. But how many times do I smell my watch. Yes there's a watch that comes with a scent and I think it's a fun idea!

Moffett Mix and Match Scented Watches

Moffett mix ‘n match scented watches are interchangeable and collectible. The watches cases, straps and scented bezels are all interchangeable, resulting in a almost limitless combination of colors and scent including Black Currant/Candy Apple or Coconut/Orange

Moffett Mix and Match Scented Watches

Moffett watches are sold in both starter packs ($24.50) and added mix ‘n match packs ($12.50).

But who is Moffett? Moffett is the adorable little skunk who inspired these watches. He has the amazing ability to smell like any fruit he wanted. I think he's a really cute and sweet (pun intended) character.

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