Grovemade Wood Bumper iPhone Cases

Grovemade, a designer of handcrafted wooden and leather accessories, this year introduced the world’s first all wood bumper case.

Grovemade Wood Bumper iPhone Cases

Designed for iPhone 5/5s/5C, the one-piece design utilizes the strong direction of the wood grain that reinforces Grovemade’s signature joint design, creating the industry’s first complete wooden frame that offers the durability of a case.

The thin and sleek design of the bumper case features a slight lip that elevates the phone from flat surfaces for an added layer of protection.

The carefully machined Grovemade Bumper allows access to all connectors and ports, and includes power and volume button. Each bumper case is hand sanded and rubbed with natural oils for Grovemade’s signature, artisan-quality finish.

The Grovemade Bumper for iPhone is compatible with Grovemade’s Dock for iPhone and retails at $39.

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