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As a parent I try to keep up with food and health news. I try to know what to eat and do and what I should avoid. So when I first heard about the FED UP film and that "everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong" I had to learn more and then share with you, my readers.

FED UP Movie

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Curious to know more about the FED UP film? Read on.
In 1977, the U.S. Government issued the McGovern Report, its first ever dietary guidelines and with it, one of the greatest health epidemics of our time ensued. In her documentary feature debut, executive producer and narrator Katie Couric joins Laurie David (AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH), Regina Scully (THE INVISIBLE WAR) and director Stephanie Soechtig (TAPPED) to explore why, despite media attention and government policies to combat obesity, generations of kids will now live shorter lives than their parents.

Upending the conventional wisdom of why we gain weight and how to lose it, FED UP unearths the dirty little secret your favorite brands/restaurants don’t want you to know - far more of us get sick from what we eat than anyone ever realized and this is in large part due to the fact that 80% of the 600,000 items sold in grocery stores have added sugar.

Following a group of families – the children of whom are the hardest hit demo because unbeknownst to them or their parents, they’re being force fed food with added sugar – for more than two years, Soechtig achieves a profound intimacy as they document their uphill battles to follow the conventional wisdom of 'diet and exercise', in order to live healthier, fuller lives. In captivating interviews with the country's leading experts, FED UP lays bare a decades-long misinformation campaign orchestrated by Big Food and aided and abetted by the U.S. Government.

Like many parents, I want my child to eat as healthy as possible and this latest news about food and sugar is very scary. But it's important that films like FED UP are being made to keep us informed so we can make better choices for our families.

During an interview director Stephanie Soechtig, executive producers Katie Couric and Laurie David shared what they hoped the audience will take away from FED UP

FED UP Movie Trailer and Interview

Stephanie Soechtig: I really hope the audience leaves feeling with a sense of obligation. The system isn’t going to fix itself – we all need to get involved if we want things to change and my greatest hope is that the audience leaves feeling angry and empowered to do something about the problem.

FED UP Movie Trailer and Interview

Katie Couric: I hope this film provides a comprehensive look at our country’s growing obesity problem and teaches people what they can do at home to change their family's health. I hope long held beliefs will be challenged and re-evaluated. I hope those who watch this film will see how we are being brainwashed at an early age by the food industry and the power of that lobby to prevent our legislators from making any meaningful changes. And I hope people will get mad and demand change. Our kids are the lab rats in this diet/experiment gone horribly wrong. They represent the clearest indicator of what we, as a nation, are doing to ourselves.

FED UP Movie Trailer and Interview

Laurie David: That enough is enough. I can tell you, I am fed up and I hope everyone that watches the movie will feel that way, too. The exciting thing is that we can all take back control of what we eat and what our future will look like. One in three kids expected to have diabetes by mid-century is completely, totally, categorically UNACCEPTABLE. It is a tragedy when you understand that it is also completely PREVENTABLE. We have to do better. Each and every one of us can be part of the change we need to see. Starting with the very next thing we eat or buy.

FED UP Movie Challenge

On May 12, join the #FedUpMovie team in going sugar free for 10 days. It won’t be easy, but together you can take the first steps in fighting the biggest public health crisis of our time. Take the pledge at www.fedupmovie.com/fedupchallenge

This weekend FED UP opens in theaters.

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I'm sure after seeing the movie, many families will rethink how they eat.

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