The Cyberchase Movie Screening & Behind the Scene Interview with Executive Producer #CyberChase

In connection with Earth Month, we attended a private screening for the eco-themed adventure CYBERCHASE movie before it's premiere on Tuesday, April 15 on PBS stations across the country!

The Mommy Factor The Cyberchase Movie
The Cyberchase Movie

The CYBERCHASE Movie synopsis:

The future of Cyberspace is at stake in the one-hour special, “The CYBERCHASE Movie.” Hacker and his bumbling henchbots Buzz and Delete are drilling inside the nature preserve Ecotopia when they carelessly set off a slime geyser, destroying many animals' habitats and causing overcrowding.

Matt, Jackie, Inez and Digit are called in to rescue the animals and restore harmony to Ecotopia. They team up with Ollie (voiced by Rodriguez), a Junior Ranger, and quickly learn that harmony on Ecotopia isn't their only problem. Can the kids restore Ecotopia, rescue their friends and prevent Cyberspace from being lost to Hacker forever?

To see the movie you can stream episodes for free at and on the go with the free PBS KIDS Video App.

The Mommy Factor The Cyberchase Movie

After the movie the families had a live meet and greet with Harry, star of "Cyberchase for Real" segment of the show. My son and Harry apparently had lots to chat about while playing math themed guessing games.

I had a good chuckle at this because my son is very familiar with the Cyberchase series and was very serious about solving the problem of figuring out how old Harry really is. Ha!

PBS Kids Cyberchase math series

And this is one of the things I like about the Cyberchase series, they encourage kids to think about math problems and solutions. I've always wanted to know more about how the series is developed and put together so I was excited to interview Sandra Sheppard, the Executive Producer of Cyberchase, a few days later.
Onica (MommyFactor): How did the team come up with the idea for the Cyberchase series? Can you share how you came up with the ideas for the different kids personalities?

Sandra Sheppard: Concepts for the show began over 1 decade ago. The team was conscience of how children respond to math. We also noticed that there was a gender and racial gap. We wanted to find a way engage kids with math concepts.

We were very purposeful in having a group of kids with diversity. We made event have 2 girls leads.

We also wanted to address the different learning needs of kids. Each child learns on different levels. Even in the show. But as a group the kids in the series all bring something to helped solve the problem in the episode. This helps kid relate and identify with the cyberspace gang. Kids see them as just regular kids like themselves instead of superheroes.

Onica (MommyFactor): How does the team work math problems into the episodes for the Cyberchase series?

Sandra Sheppard: There's a team of contend directors involved in math and science that work to come up with a hook to combine math and storytelling. We aim to have 1 main idea with supporting ideas within the episode. We try to look at clutters of math ideas and develop those.

We also review with teachers, academics, panels of experts and of course parents. It's a real team collaboration.

Onica (MommyFactor): Do you have any community involvement??

Sandra Sheppard: Yes. Lots! We have a partnership with companies like the YMCA and Girls Inc where we create math material for them to use with their kids. We also are part of after school programs, libraries and museums to provide hands on math related activities for kids.

It was great to speak with Sandra and learn more about the behind the scene working of this Emmy Award®-winning series. As you can read alot of work goes into making CYBERCHASE a great show for our kids. I'd say they're going a great job! Thank you CYBERCHASE team and PBS Kids!

To learn more about CYBERCHASE, visit -

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