Razor Jr. Scooters and New Mobile App #TFNY #TFNY14

Last year my son received/reviewed a Razor Kixi Mixi and loved it. It was great first scooter for him to build his balance and confidence. Now he's getting ready for the next level of scooting action and I'm once again checking out what Razor Worldwide has to offer.

Toy Fair NY 2004 Razor Jr. Scooters

Note: I attended Toy Fair as media. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

During Toy Fair NY 2014, I once again spent time at the Razor booth learning about their new scooters for kids and families. I saw some fun items!

Razor Jr. Monster/Zombie Kix three-wheel scooters – are preschool scooters with popular zombie and monster themes are great for some silly scootering fun! They have soft-molded, oversized, handlebar grips that look like monster hands with matching decks and wheels.

Razor Jr. Twisti looks like an adorable ladybug with big eyes that move back and forth. Little ones just move the handlebars from side-to-side to propel themselves.

Razor Jr. Kuties are the perfect preschool scooters with a two-in-one surprise. The stable three-wheel design has an extra-wide deck to build coordination and the plush horse- or unicorn-themed head slips out of the scooter and becomes a hobby horse for extra outdoor fun!

Razor Trickshare mobile app

This year Razor also introduces the first product in a licensing agreement with Scarab Entertainment for a series that will also include a mobile game and a console game.

The Razor Trickshare app is a free download designed for both iOS and Android. The app was created to allow kids to learn and share all the coolest tricks and moves that are possible on a scooter!

The app also includes links to the Team Razor website, links to the Team Razor community to keep up on upcoming events and links to the Razor YouTube Channels and the Razor Official Store.

The app is available for download for iTunes and on Google Play

To learn more about Razor, visit www.razor.com

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