P&G Fabric Sweet Dreams Collection Helps You Relax for Better Sleep #TuckInTurnOff

Getting a good night sleep is so important for our health and well being. Yet so few of us get the recommended 8 hours. Part of the problem is that we're all so busy going going going.

Sweet Dreams Laundry Collection

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Even when we stop, our minds are still buzzing around, which doesn't help us settle down and relax for sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), 41% of Americans report having problems with tossing and turning at least a few nights a week.

What many don't realize is that great sleep can actually start in the laundry room with a simple switch in caring for bedtime fabrics such as bed linens to pajamas.

Sweet Dreams Laundry Collection
Sweet Dreams Laundry Collection

To help many get the sleep they needed, P&G Fabric Care has launched the Sweet Dreams Collection, including Tide® plus A touch of Downy™ Sweet Dreams™, Downy® UNSTOPABLES® Dreams™, Downy Infusions® Sweet Dreams™, and Bounce® Sweet Dreams™, which can transform your bedtime fabrics to help you relax so you can fall asleep.

The Sweet Dreams Collections includes:
  • Tide plus A touch of Downy Sweet Dreams: Perfect for sheets, pajamas, and other nighttime fabrics, Tide works to clean fabrics from things you can see, like dirt—to things you can't see, like perspiration. This product includes lavender overtones with gourmand vanilla undertones to create a calming scent to help soothe you to sleep.
  • Downy UNSTOPABLES Dreams: An in-wash scent booster that allows consumers to control the amount of lavender scent added to each laundry load. The relaxing lavender scent will last 12 weeks in storage ensuring your bedtime fabrics can always be ready for bedtime.
  • Downy Infusions Sweet Dreams: A premium liquid fabric softener with SilkTouch™ to infuse fabrics with a silky softness that makes your everyday fabrics (and you) feel fabulous. Contains a dual perfume system with Renewing Scent Pearl Technology that imparts your bedtime fabrics with a multi-layered lavender scent experience that continues long after your fabrics have been washed.
  • Bounce Sweet Dreams: Small but mighty— just toss one dryer sheet in the dryer to soften, freshen, control static, and help repel lint and hair on bedtime fabrics.

Tuck In Turn Off Pledge

“Tuck In. Turn Off.” Pledge

The “Tuck In. Turn Off.” Pledge aims to encourage people to turn off their technology (phones, computers, iPads and television) at least 30 minutes before bedtime and tuck in to clean fabrics infused with the soothing scent and softness of the Sweet Dreams Collection.

Take the pledge and reward yourself with downloadable materials from the Sweet Dreams Collection and the National Sleep Foundation to let the world know that you’re sleeping better. Show your commitment to better sleep habits on Twitter by using the #TuckInTurnOff hashtag

The pledge can be taken online by visiting www.TuckInTurnOff.com

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