Mini Brownie Maker by Holstein Housewares

With the summer weather coming, it will be time to start making treats. One of my favorite treats are brownies! But making a big batch of brownie can mean trouble for my waistline. Thankfully Holstein Housewares has introduce its Mini Brownie Maker!

Mini Brownie Maker by Holstein Housewares

This Mini Brownie Maker lets you bake 4 fun-shaped bite sized brownies within minutes. From fudgy dark chocolate brownies to crinkled topped marshmallow brownies, you’ll get the full rich flavor of these adorable mini treats.

You can also take your Mini Brownie Maker with you for potlucks or family gatherings.

Holstein’s Mini Brownie Maker is available in colors coral and blue. This small kitchen appliance is 500w and has a non-slip base, indicator light, non-stick coating and a safety lock.

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