Team Hot Wheels Animation On Netflix

This month we received a package from Netflix sharing the information about Team Hot Wheels, a 22-minute animated Mattel debuted this year. The package also include shades for my son and one of the Hot Wheels cars!

New Team Hot Wheels Animation On Netflix

Note: I'm part of Netflix #StreamTeam program. While I have been compensated to share monthly information and news about their service, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Not your average CARtoon, Team Hot Wheels brings Hot Wheels “Go For It” attitude to life through a cast of fun-loving daredevil kids who are always up for racing adventures.

When a mysterious black car begins transforming the sleepy town of Hilly Woodlands into a wild mess of orange track and outrageous obstacles, four kids are tasked to stop it before the whole world is overrun with chaos. With the help of an eccentric gearhead scientist named Larry, these lifelong racing fanatics get the keys to the fastest, coolest cars of all time.

Now Gage, Rhett, Wyatt and Brandon must learn to work together in order to out-race the mystery car and ultimately become Team Hot Wheels™.

New Team Hot Wheels Animation On Netflix

I watched the first episode of Team Hot Wheels with my son and we both enjoyed it. He enjoyed the car action and funny antics of the four boys. A pooping pigeon?! I enjoyed the age appropriate storyline and fun personality of each boy.

While my son likes Gage (Green driver) who's the "leader" of the group, I have a fondness for Wyatt (yellow driver) who arrives with camera flashing while he flex his muscles. LOL But he's not all about himself. He also has a special place in his heart for his Granny!

Without giving away to much, each boy is different but when they get together each adds something special to the team. No matter what type of personality your son (or daughter) has, they can relate to one of the boys on Team Hot Wheels.

Produced by Playground Productions, the Team Hot Wheels animation is available at and can be watched on your favorite device.

Additionally, a 74-minute Team Hot Wheels: The Origin Of Awesome direct-to-video movie will be released this fall and features an expanded storyline and adventures. Distribution details will be announced at a later date.

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