Kindergartner in the Men's Bathroom? - WordFUL Wednesday

This past weekend my son joined me to check out the NYTimes Travel Show. We were having fun until my son had to use the bathroom. While that's not usually a problem, this time the line at the ladies bathroom was way too long for him to wait.

So I had to let him use the men's bathroom. Something I've been putting off till he was older. Much older. Like 20 years old. Maybe

Kindergartner in the Men's Bathroom

But this time my son couldn't wait.

So while looking him in the eye, I firmly requested he go in quickly, use the bathroom and COME RIGHT BACK OUTSIDE.

My son said OK and off he went.

Now he took less then a few minutes, but that whole time I stood there watching the door and listening. I'm not sure for what, but at the slightest indication something was wrong I WAS going IN the men's bathroom to get my son.

Thankfully my son came out with no problems. Matter of fact he was SO happy to finally use the "boys" bathroom. My son has been asking me for months to use the "boys" bathroom instead of going with me to the "girls". His reason? He's not girl!

*exasperated sigh*

Now that I've allowed him, I'm sure he'll insist on continuing to use the "boys" bathroom. But I'm no way ready to let him continue to do that. Especially not in a crowded area. But really how long can I delay this? I'm stuck at a cross road.

What age did you allow your child to go into a public bathroom alone

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