iDStress App Helps Manage Pregnancy Stress So You Can Relax

A few months ago I took part in a focus group to learn about the iDStress App, an anti-stress app that helps you evaluate, lower and track stress levels in just 15 minutes.

iDStress App Helps Manage Stress So You Can Relax

Note: I was compensated for attending the focus group. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Created by Ana Lombard, a psychotherapist in Barcelona specializing in relaxation and founder of the Enlace Center, iDStress offers stress management for different area of life including Pregnancy.

For expecting moms, iDStress aims to help a woman live through pregnancy with serenity, while establishing communication with her baby. All with 15 minutes.

During the focus group, I learned how iDStress measures stress levels by using 20 questions developed from the studies of Hans Selye. By answering these questions, the app helps the user pinpoint which phases of stress they are experiencing. From there it's easier to find solutions to reduce stress by using one of the exercises.

iDStress features seven different exercises for use in different life situations.
  • Basic Relaxation: For general mind and body relaxation – 15 minutes
  • Concentration: For improvement of concentration and attention span – 18 minutes
  • Pregnancy: For serenity during pregnancy and building a connection with your baby – 15 minutes
  • Insomnia: For peaceful and restorative sleep – 12 minutes
  • Respiration: For proper oxygenation of body and brain – 11 minutes
  • Relax Gesture: For mind and body conditioning to recover internal balance with a simple gesture – 15 minutes
  • Panic Button: For use during stressful situations in life as they arise – 8 minutes

I used the app and admit it did help me. I was able to focus on what was triggering my stress, use one of the exercises to calm down and then figure out some tips how manage my stress levels.

If your looking for a way to identify and help manage your stress levels, then I recommend trying out the iDStress App. It's free to download and use the basic features. If you want to purchase any of the recommended exercises to help relieve stress then it's $2.39. It's available for Android and iPhone/iPad

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