Miniature Gardens Book for Terrariums & More

Do you enjoy building miniature gardens and terrariums? Then you'll be interested in this Dino Terrarium project found in the book Miniature Gardens, a complete guide to miniature gardens.

Miniature Gardens Design & Create Miniature Fairy Gardens, Dish Gardens, Terrariums and More Indoors and Out

Katie Elzer Peters, horticulturist and acclaimed garden author of Miniature Gardens: Design & Create Miniature Fairy Gardens, Dish Gardens, Terrariums and More ($22.99 US), is on a mission to bring basics of gardening back by building mini gardens that mix creativity with longevity

"Some of my favorite projects for Miniature Gardens were the terrariums. Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved making terrariums and have had several over the years. And some of my fondest memories were creating these little settings with my mom.

You can use almost any type of glass container for a terrarium. From a mason jar to a huge wholesale club-sized pickle jar, a trifle dish, or a hurricane vase, there are lots of options. Clear plastic works, too, if you're crafting with the little ones. And so easy to care for - my terrariums
require so little water!

There's something enchanting about creating a miniature little world that you can carry around or sit on your bedside table. I think that's why terrariums are just so fun for kids."

Miniature Gardens features concrete DIY steps. From creating paths and focal points to manipulating the soil of a terrarium, tricks of the trade are offered up on every page.

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  1. We love to garden. Would love to read this book.
    Thanks for the chance.

  2. My daughter loves fairies and these would make great gardens (Laura DeLuca)

  3. My daughter really wants to make one. She was bugging me about this just the other day. This would be a great book to help us get started.

  4. Both my daughter & her husband love growing plants inside & out their home. In all sizes, different containers & viewed in ways to enjoy that are unique. I love visiting & seeing what I may see next in what plant cutting them may have rooted etc. He loves the planting on tiny bonsai trees & my grandson really enjoys helping his dad with those in the different size clay pots & lids they can stagger them in amongst other containers such as hollowed out logs etc to make a little world & place of their own to enjoy. My daughter shares the same passion, but hers is to create them to resemble ones such as mythical or enchanting themes like tiny fairies etc. My grandson now gets adventurous & collects tiny gem stones, pebbles, drift wood, as he & his dad go fly fishing, so he can use them to create tiny gardens from the plant cutting or rooted plants that he makes his creations with. So long story short... :) That's why I'd like to win this giveaway item. I think I'd gift it to them as a trio so they each can gather more creative ideas from it & put them to good use to enjoy with what they could make & enjoy together. I find myself collecting all sorts of tiny things I spot in yard sales, thrift stores, or in nature outside to hand them to place within their miniature garden creations. Have a great Sunday :) ~Julie