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Thanks to WB Pictures & Klout I was invited to an early screening of the Grudge Match film before it's release on Christmas 2013.

Sylvester Stallone Robert De Niro Grudge Match film

Note: I received this #KloutPerk because of my #Klout influence. No other compensation was received. Neither Klout or WB Pictures required me to blog about the perk. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend that screening but you bet I bought my own tickets soon after. A boxing match between Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro? I wasn't missing out on watching that!

Since we're in January, I'm hoping by now most of you have scene the movie because I'm not holding back any spoilers. To get to the point Sylvester Stallone character, Henry "Razor" Sharp won the boxing match. Anyone who's watched the Rocky movies know that's how it's was going to go down. Still it was a good fight. And great story telling leading up to the fight.

Ironically in the movie Henry "Razor" Sharp, quit his boxing career after winning against Billy "The Kid" McDonnen.

Now flash forward a couple of years and Dante Slate Jr. (Kevin Hart) has come up with an idea for motion capture video games (Hello Xbox Kinect!) that leads into one of the funniest and best examples of how to use social media. Within seconds a fight scene between Razor and The Kid goes viral and Dante sees dollar signs.

The only problem? Razor still doesn't really want to fight The Kid. Finding out how the consequences of their actions years ago affects their future now is the heart of the movie. Each character goes thru their own personal journey and learns to let go of past hurt and bad behaviors.

Sylvester Stallone Robert De Niro Grudge Match film

Sylvester Stallone Robert De Niro Kim Basinger Grudge Match film

A fathers get to know his son. Past lovers forgive the betrayal and reunite. And past rivals learn to respect each other again. Awwwww

But still there's a fight. Oh and what a fight.

Sylvester Stallone Robert De Niro Grudge Match film

I gotta say that I was impressed that Sylvester Stallone still has the boxing moves and more so that Robert De Niro was able to hold his own in the ring. Without a weapon. Go on Robert!

Overall the Grudge Match was a great movie both for fans of "The Guys" and a date night movie. It could also be a family movie but because of a lot of cursing and violence I strongly recommend taking teens and not young children.

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