New Gain Flings Review & Twitter Party During Grammys #MusicToYourNose

This weekend the Grammys will be on and I'm looking forward to watching it. To make sure I would be able to sit back and enjoy, I took care of all the Sunday chores earlier in the week. That included doing the laundry.

Gain flings laundry detergent

Note: I'm working with Gain on the #MusicToYourNose campaign. I receive products samples and compensation. As always any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

This week I had some laundry help thanks my 57 ct tub of the new Gain flings. These Gain flings really brought a whole new level of joy while doing my laundry!

Gain flings laundry detergent

I was so excited to try Gain Flings! They have a great clean smell, thanks to their 3-in-1 benefit of Gain Detergent + OxiBoost + malodor removal of Febreze all wrapped up in a new single-use detergent pac.

The pac themselves are easy to use. Just take them out the container, drop them in the washer, add clothes and wait to enjoy the fresh clean smell of clothing (after you dry them of course)

As I was getting the laundry done, I started to hum a little tune. This is how happy I was while thinking about the scent Gain gives clean clothing. Did you know that the scent of Gain laundry detergent gives you the same joy as listening to music? It’s like Music to Your Nose!

"Gain partnered with scent expert Dr. Alan Hirsch and Innerscope Research to conduct a groundbreaking study proving the link between its scents and music. Gain loyalists, or “Gainiacs”, were enlisted for the research to see how their feelings for Gain flings! scent experiences measure up to one of their favorite pastimes, listening to their favorite music

The study proved that the scent of Gain flings! give you more joy than listening to your favorite music. In addition, it was found that the scent of Gain flings! make listening to your favorite music more enjoyable."

But I wasn't the only person to notice this connection...or my humming

Gain flings laundry detergent

One of my neighbors, who was also doing laundry, wanted to know why I was so happy. Of course I told her all about Gain Flings. She was amazed and wanted to learn more. So I shared a few of my Gain Flings pacs with her. Laundry joy should be shared right?

You can also share in the joy by joining me and Gain while we live tweet starting 6pm EST to watch the Grammys!

In connection with their "Music to Your Nose" campaign, the brand will introduce Gain flings! in conjunction with the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 26, 2014 with the launch of the Gain flings! TV commercial and a social media launch party with a roster of celebrity Gainiacs including the Braxton sisters, celebrity blogger Trent Vanegas of “Pink Is The New Blog,” a roster of YouTube’s biggest music stars and key influential bloggers.

Gain fans are invited to join in the conversation by following @Gain on Twitter and using #MusicToYourNose During the twitter party I will pick (5) winners at random to receive (1) Gain flings Original 57-ct. So make sure you tweet a lot so I can see you!

Gain flings laundry detergent

Beginning on January 27, 2014, new Gain flings! will be sold at retailers nationwide and in 57, 66, 72, 77 and 90-ct tubs as well as 14, 16, 31 and 35-ct bags. Gain flings! will be available in the Gain signature Original Scent and Moonlight Breeze, a brand new scent being added to the Gain laundry portfolio.

The suggested retail price ranges from $4.49 for 14-count bag to $21.49 for a 90-count tub. For more information about new Gain flings, visit

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