10 Gift Ideas for Someone Who's Moving (Like Me)

Last year I moved two times. One of it was unexpected and the other a short move across town. Now this year I plan on doing a bigger move out of state. More on that later.

But as someone who has moved so much recently, I'm loving these 10 "Moving" Gift Ideas from Unpakt, a new, instant pricing application to help find and book reputable moving companies online.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Someone Whos Moving

10 Gift Ideas for Someone Who's Moving

  1. Personalized Items - You probably would not believe the diverse selection of items you can have personalized these days. Popular ideas include a doormat, wood sign, wine cask, clock, apron, coasters, kitchen chalkboard, and cutting board.

  2. Grocery Gift Card - No one has to tell you how expensive moving is. Most people max their budget with barely any money left over to live on until their next pay day. A grocery gift card will be something they may actually need.

  3. Online Movie Subscription Service - Who doesn't love movies? Streaming media has become the norm for many people, and there is certainly no shortage of services available. Some of the top recommended picks include Hulu Plus, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.

  4. 10 Gift Ideas for Someone Who's Moving
  5. Cozy Throw - A house can never have too many warm throw blankets. Unless you are sure of their color palette, theme, or patterns being used in their d├ęcor it is best to stick with a solid neutral color. If you know they are playing it safe with neutrals, opt for a bold color to give them a bit of contrast they might not realize that they need.

  6. Toolbox - Every home needs a toolbox. You do not have to buy anything extravagant, but they should have the basics. If they purchased a fixer-upper you might even consider buying an empty toolbox and a gift card to a hardware store, so they can fill it with the tools they want.

  7. 10 Gift Ideas for Someone Who's Moving
  8. Hammocks - Every home deserves a hammock. The
    y do not need two perfectly placed trees to hang it from either. There are portable hammocks made to take camping or to the beach that has their own stand.
  9. Herb Garden Set - If you are shopping for someone who appreciates the healing properties and healthy effects of herbs then a small herb garden set will be the perfect gift.

  10. Emergency Kit - Most people wait until the power goes out or there is a natural disaster to start thinking about emergency preparation. Besides, a new renter or homeowner has so many other things that need to be bought before they begin splurging on these items. Purchase a small emergency kit or put one together yourself. Include flashlights, batteries, solar-powered phone charger, hand-crank light and radio, hand and body warmers, compact folding one-burner stove with a few cans of fuel, and a first aid kit. Hopefully it will inspire them to add to it.

  11. 10 Gift Ideas for Someone Who's Moving
  12. Unique Kitchen Items - There are a number of things that the individual would probably love for their kitchen, but that does not mean they will be squeezed in the budget in the near future. Purchase something they probably would not spend money on. A few ideas include a stovetop popcorn popper, old-fashioned single-serving milkshake maker, sushi set, electric kettle, flavor-diffusing pitcher, cheeseboard and toolset, vegetable spiraler, unique glassware or even a layer cake slicing kit.

  13. Spice Rack - If the individual loves to cook, or is extra excited about having their own kitchen to tackle some recipes, a nice spice rack will be a great idea. If you do this, do be sure to buy a quality rack with fresh spices, or purchase empty, go to a spice store and fill them all yourself.

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