Ustyme free video call app: read books & play games interactively

There are so many way that families can be separated during the holiday season. Whether it’s a military dad deployed overseas, a grandparent not able to travel or a divorced parent sharing custody.

But a new, free video-call app, called ustyme (pronounced us-time), gives friends and families the opportunity to read holiday stories to one another, no matter the distance.

Ustyme free video call app lets you read books and play games interactively

ustyme brings content into the video call, so a deployed dad or long-distance grandma can read books and play games with their loved ones while seeing and interacting with each other through a video screen.

Classic holiday titles “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas,” “The Gingerbead Man” and “The Dreidel Song” are available in the ustyme store, so families and friends can carry on holiday traditions even while apart during the season.

The ustyme store features holiday reads, as well as popular titles such as “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Henny Penny” or “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Games are free and include favorites like Checkers, Go Fish and Four In A Row.

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