Style Saturday: Tumtee T-Shirts Combat Baby “Flat Head”

Tumtee are stylish t-shirts for moms to wear, for babies to experience. While originally developed for tummy time, they can be used any time moms are with their babies for fun interactions since each one comes with an original nursery rhyme.

Tumtee TShirts Combat Baby Flat Head

Tumtee Close Knits are modern t-shirts for moms with visual and touchable designs for babies. Tumtee also provides an activity to aid in tummy time by providing content for early learning. From shapes to animals to numbers to colors, babies’ first teachers are their mothers, and Tumtee provides a full sensory opportunity for learning.

“The ultimate aim of Tumtee is to encourage moms to hold, interact, and bond with their babies,“ said Tumtee co-creator, Kristen Gibbins. “With so many baby contraptions available, it’s easy to forget that we should be holding our babies and interacting directly with them instead of relying on swings, bouncy seats and strollers to keep them entertained.”

WHEN can you use Tumtee?

Tumtee shirts are comfortable and stylish with modern designs that moms can wear in, around, and out and about as part of their everyday wardrobe. It can be used whenever moms are with their babies: during tummytime, cuddletime, playtime, anytime!

WHAT are the Tumtee benefits?

There are a number of benefits, which include:
  • Enhances close-knit bond: When mothers hold and interact with their babies on a regular basis, they have opportunities to connect and get to know each other.
  • Engages baby in multi-sensory play: Babies are always learning by what they hear, see, and touch, and Tumtee engages all of those senses.
  • Offers activity for early learning: Babies learn a number of ways, including through songs, pictures and words. Tumtee provides early learning material for mothers to enjoy with their babies.
  • Encourages playful interactions: Babies learn when they have the opportunity to interact directly with their mothers in a fun and playful way, and Tumtee provides great subject matter for early engagements.
  • Creates connection during tummy time activity: Many babies struggle during tummytime. Tumtee engages mothers and babies in the process by connecting the two, making it more enjoyable for both.
Tumtees are available for purchase for $38 at select retailers and from

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