The Joys & Fears of My Nephews Birth

This past weekend my sister went into labor for the birth of her 4th child, my nephew.

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While she's had some experience with the childbirth process...each time is unique. So the family clinged to the phone for a play by play of events.

How far apart the contractions....

When going to the hospital.....

When arrived at hospital....

What did the doctor say......

And so on and so on until the moment for delivery.....

But child birth is an interesting experience. No matter how you plan your child birth experience, it NEVER goes that way. I learned that the hard way from my own child birth experience. And so my sister child experience took some turns we didn't plan for....or expected.

A few hours later, my nephew arrived in this world via an unplanned c-section. Healthy and fine.

But c-sections are major sister. Not doing so fine

And so the family clinged to the phone again waiting to hear the latest updates. My brother in law was suppose to pick us up for a visit. But after hearing about complications after the surgery he stayed with my sister till she was stabilized. Understandable.

So I sit with my nieces trying to distract them from worrying thoughts of their mom. In truth I try to distract myself also. The word that starts with a "D" is mention once and then my mother rebukes it. It's a weird thought to think of after such a joyous moment.

But I try not to think of that word or what it means for the family. What it would mean for my nieces to be motherless, what it would mean for my sisters husband to be without a wife, what it would mean for my siblings to be 3 instead of 4 or what it would mean to my mother to loss her favorite child.

So instead of thinking about that...I print out coloring sheets for my youngest niece so she can color with my son. I encourage my older niece to start writing a blog. I start showing her how to edit and format paragraphs. These are things I can do as an Aunt while my sister is busy with life. Literally.

A few hours later my mom receives news my sister is stabilized and hopefully the healing process can begin. I haven't spoken to my sister yet and have only seen photos of the baby via text via my mom but it's ok. The fact is that I CAN see the baby later and SPEAK to my sister in a few days. I'm grateful for that.

Welcome to the world my nephew.....

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  1. Family prayers coming your way. Your family is truly blessed to have you, your strength to keep everybody busy during a very critical time is a gift.

  2. So glad your sister is improving! You are a wonderful aunt and I know she appreciates you. Congrats on the new baby nephew!

  3. I hope that your sister is doing better now. Congrats on having a new nephew! He will definitely enjoy having you for an aunt.

  4. Prayers for your sister, brother-in-law and their blessed little ones. A new baby is always such a blessing.

  5. Sending many prayers to your family <3

  6. Hope she heals quickly. Prayers for your sister! I've never been through a c-section but I know many who have. Congrats on your new nephew!

  7. Wow. That is a scary experience! I am glad to hear she is doing ok!

  8. sending prayers! It is sooo true that EVERY birth is sooo different!!!