Tech Thurs: Momentage App: Share Holiday Moments Privately

When it comes to the holidays, we all want to share those treasured moments with our families, but we don’t want to broadcast photos of our loved ones -- especially our children -- to those who are merely acquaintances or even complete strangers. But this over sharing often cannot be avoided on most social media platforms.

Momentage photo sharing app

Introducing, Momentage the first app of its kind that allows users to combine photos, videos and SoundImages into a single post to create a vivid storytelling “moment.” These moments can be artistically arranged, added to and rearranged with photos that users edit, crop, rotate and straighten according to their unique style and inventive technique, shared in real-time, or at any time. Therefore, as your holiday goes on, your collages too can continue to grow and develop.

Momentage understands that individuals cannot and should not have to spend the time to choose that one single photo to describe an entire moment or day. Rather it should be shared in its entirety through multiple photos, videos and even SoundImages of audio recorded over photos, assembled in an elegantly arranged collage in a single post. Users can then share these precious moments with the public, a group, individual followers or just themselves, as Momentage was created with the privacy of the user in mind.

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