Surviving That Time Liquid Spilled on My Laptop

For the past 3 days I been glued to my laptop. It's been tense, emotional and at times feeling like a part of me is going to die. What has been the issue? Liquid spilled on my laptop. Urgh.

keyboard spill

The devastating moment happened on Thursday night as I tried to recap the weeks activities. For some reason only known to my son, he tosses a pillow at me, which knocks down a cup on the table that spills liquid all over my laptop. When I say all over I mean like ALL OVER.

As I pick my laptop up, liquid pours down from it onto the table. Like a torrential downpour. What the hell?! How much liquid was in that cup?!

As my son take cover in the corner in case I lose it, I go into crisis mode. I have no time to yell at my son right now. My laptop and all my digital files needs me!

What follows would make a great scene for a medical drama. I call out for my assistant, in this case my brother, to get the paper towels. I quickly move my laptop into a dry and clean area where I can perform surgery. I quickly prep the patient and then go in. I'm determine to try and minimize as much damage before going into for major repair. I stabilize the patient, power is still on and I can still see the screen. OK things are OK so far. I quickly turn my laptop off, take out the battery and grab a screw driver to open as many areas possible for a dry out.

As I surround my laptop with paper towels (someone suggested rice but I need that for dinner!) I say a pray and hope for the best.

At that moment I remember my son. *sigh* I couldn't deal with him right then. While it's not his fault, it sorta is. I send him to bed early to avoid yelling and feeling guilty later. We'll talk more about NOT throwing pillows in the morning.

The next following days, I check on my laptop with hourly visits. I know it's not looking good. While I got most the liquid out, I can't login. The keyboard is ruined. Without being able to login I can't save my files. Urgh. This whole years worth of photos and videos possibly lost. Not just blog related digital files but my life also. Our life!

I can't lose nearly 1 year of our life! I keep working on my laptop. For 2 days!

Finally I figure out how to use the touch screen keyboard instead of the manual one. Who knew that was an option?!. Genius who ever designed that feature. I login. I LOGIN!

The next hours are tense as I figure out how to copy over my files to a My Passport portable hard-drive. Thank you Western Digital! This is the 2nd time you've helped save my digital life.

I succeed in getting my files out and safe right before the laptop starts acting up again. As I shut it back down, I promise to take a trip to the tech store to see if anything else can be done. But I fear this is the end of this laptop. It's bitter sweet. I bought it after my laptop before it had a meltdown. That one I had for a few years. It was time. But this one I had less then a year. It seems a bit unfair.

If I have to say good-bye to this laptop, I will also say thank you. It served me well by keeping my memories organized and safe. It will be missed

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