Sesame Street: Lord of the Crumbs Video Parody (Lord of the Rings)

Have you seen the new video from Sesame Street spoofing the second The Hobbit movie? Oh it so funny! Check it out below

Sesame Street Lord of the Crumbs Video Parody (Lord of the Rings)

To celebrate the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy, Sesame Street created a spoof titled, Sesame Street: Lord of the Crumbs, in honor of the film’s release on 12/11.

In Lord of the Crumbs, it is up to Cookie Monster to restore cookies to Monster Earth by using the power of memory & self-control.

Not only is the video hilarious but also educational. Love the way Cookie Monster remembers all the ingredients to make cookies! Sesame Street has once again combined educational elements in a way that's fresh and funny.

Oh and watch the video to the end for a fun preview surprise of another popular movie *cough*the hunger game: catch a fire*cough* being spoofed. I gotta go watch that one!

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