Our Holiday Tradition - Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The holidays have gotten here way before I was ready. I barely survived Thanksgiving and all ready we're heading into Christmas?

Our Holiday Tradition Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

While I'm still dazed and trying to manage my end of the year mind fog, I did manage to make some time to enjoy what has inadvertently become a holiday tradition for me and my son. Seeing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Oddly enough I didn't set out to make this "our holiday tradition". I don't celebrate Christmas, but since my son was born, I brought him here. It has become "our" thing to do.

Each year we go to see the tree and take a photo. We have yet to attend the actual lighting of the tree moment. I tried this year but the crowds were insane. Blocks and blocks of people. Taking a child through crowds of people? No thank you!

So we went to see it the next day when the crowds were less. Much less. After visiting with the tree and taking the yearly photo. We stopped to enjoy the other holiday features of the area.

Our Holiday Tradition Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

My son spotted the giant toy soldiers and wanted to take a photo with each of them. There was six of them but I only allowed him to take photos with three. He got to wave to the next three across the way at the other side. It was just too crowd to shuffle over.

As we made our way back downtown to catch the bus home, a feeling of nostalgia overcame me. This might be our last time coming to see the tree. By next year I plan to move out of state. While I'm sure we can always come back in state to see the tree, it's not a guarantee.

Only time will tell if we can continue our holiday tradition with the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. But for now I'm glad we were able to.

Did your family start a new holiday tradition or do you just continue an old tradition?

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