A Snow Day Distraction

This past weekend it snowed! Big fluffy snowflakes that covered the ground in a blanket of white. As I watched the snow fall I remembered the excitement. First real snowfall is always delightful. But I had to be inside to finish project I was working on. Or did I?

Snow Day

Snow Day

This weekend my nieces came over after my sister went into labor and went to the hospital. I could tell they were starting to go stir crazy so I decided to take them outside to enjoy the snow.

Ok, I admit they gave me an excuse to go outside and enjoy the snow

Snow Day

We headed to the local park in our area to have a little bit of snow day fun. The park was covered in fresh snow and looked so lovely. In a small area by a statue, some of the bushes were decorated with lights. So pretty

Snow Day

We spent about 1 hour trampling through snow that was ankle deep.

Making snow angels .....

Trying to taking photos and being photo bombed .....

And getting snowflakes on our lashes .....

What a great snow day!

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