The World of Eric Carle Alphabet Floor Puzzle Review

I am in the process of teaching my 2 year old to recognize the alphabets and words. While she can sing the ABC song, she's still working on knowing the letters and how they fit together. When I received the "World of Eric Carle Alphabet Floor Puzzle", an alphabet and animal puzzle for children ages 3 and up, I thought this is a great way to help her.

The World of Eric Carle Alphabet Floor Puzzle Review

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Written by guest blogger, Gabrielle McGusty, who blogs on My Rainbow Baby Love a blog about continuing the motherhood journey with a new baby after losing a child diagnosed with Trisomy 18.

"The World of Eric Carle Alphabet Floor Puzzle" comes with 26 large pieces and is 10 feet long. The letters help children to recognize and learn to associate the letters to the animals on the puzzle. For example A for alligator B for bear etc. The puzzle pieces are bright with different colors of the animals and letters.

The puzzle is very simple and easy to put together. My daughter absolutely loved it. Even after a few mistakes, she started to get it and read out the animals name and looked to see what could go next. If it was the wrong piece, then she would keep trying until she found the right piece. The puzzle also helps with coordination as the child sort through and assemble the pieces.

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