Revlon New Silicone Facial Brush for Deep Pore Cleaning

Stress and the environment can take a toll on our skin, causing it to need a little attention to make it look beautiful. Normal cleansing routines only clean at the surface level and salon facials can often be expensive and inconvenient. Now getting beautiful skin is easier with the new Revlon Silicone facial brush kit.

Revlon New Silicone Facial Brush

The Revlon® Silicone Facial Brush kit has a non-invasive cleansing method designed to clean pores by drawing out impurities deep below the surface. The silicone bristles are gentle to the skin and clean without causing irritation.

In addition to the silicone brush there are 5 interchangeable attachments designed to clean, exfoliate and promote circulation for luminous and toned skin. Using the Revlon Silicone facial brush kit allows you to easily remove dirt, oil and makeup, leaving skin renewed and refreshed in seconds. This kit also comes with a travel storage case that is lightweight and portable.

The Revlon silicone facial brush kit can be found at ULTA for $24.99. For more information on this facial brush and other products from the Revlon Spa line, go to

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