sweetriot's IndieGoGo campaign #RiotGogo

A while ago I posted about sweetriot’s NEW riotBar portion control-friendly bar and that the company uses fair trade certified ingredients, are the first and only chocolate company to offset all of its carbon emissions, and have recyclable, limited edition packaging featuring original artwork by emerging artists.

Note: For posting about sweetriot's IndieGoGo campaign, I will receive a case of dark chocolate treats. Can you blame me for posting in exchange for chocolate?

Now I want to share that sweetriot is working to create a 100 calorie product line and they need your help and support via their IndieGoGo campaign.

sweetriot is currently looking to raise $50,000 and for their donors they are offering an array of yummy gifts, including a year's supply of chocolate, an NYC trip, a trip to the cacao farm, and more!

So go riot with sweetriot! You can find more information about sweetriot and the IndieGoGo campaign here: igg.me/at/sweetriot

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