Speck iGuy case for the iPad Review

As my son gets older his use of technology and my devices has increased. My iPad has now become HIS iPad. What can a digital parent do?

Well for one I can make sure the devices are protected. While my son is old enough to know he should be careful with the iPad, I have to be realistic that he will still have a few accidents with it. Shucks, even I still have a few accidents with the iPad and I'm an adult.

Speck iGuy case for the iPad Review

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Since I'm always looking for protective gear for the iPad and our other devices, I looked forward to reviewing the Speck iGuy Case and Stand for iPad.

The case itself is very soft with a spongy like feel that makes it malleable and easy for holding. The iPad fits very snug into the Speck iGuy Case and is protected from bumps and drops.

I love that the Speck iGuy Case has "arm" handles and "feet" bottom. The handles make it easy for my son to hold and carry the Speck iGuy Case, while the feet helps the case to "stand" on a flat surface or give a little tilted rise when laid flat.

Overall the Speck iGuy Case does what it suppose to, protect the iPad, in a cute and fashionable way. For those families that need a cover for the iPad mini, then you might be interested in the Speck iGuy iPad Mini case for your family.

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